FAITH TABERNACLE Church of God in Christ
                                    A Church of FAITH and LOVE 
                               Pastor Felton and Lady Donna Beck
About Faith Tab
The late Elder Felton Beck Sr., Founder of Faith Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, hearkened unto the voice of the Lord and accepted his calling as a pastor in the year of 1962. The first church was housed in a small building in need of many repairs. The congregation consisted of Elder Felton Beck Sr. and his family. Services were held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights in which they convened for prayer and songs of praise.

Attempts were made to discourage Elder Beck and his congregation. An ax was used to chop down the door of the church, nasty letters were written to the church, the church was flooded, and false prophecies that he would not be able to keep his church were made. Through it all, with constant prayer, long suffering and unwavering faithfulness to what God called him to do, the church thrived in membership. Because of this growth, it was deemed necessary to find a more suitable edifice. Although the church found a new place to worship that meet there needs for the time being, the Lord continued to extend its membership. Once again they were in search of a new location to hold this growing congregation. The Lord blessed Eld. Beck to find yet another place of worship where they would convene for the next six years. Many souls were added at this location and Faith Tabernacle was blessed to purchase a van for means of transportation for the saints. God was blessing abundantly, but there was still a need for a larger place of worship.

In March of 1976, the purchase of yet another edifice was done in faith. The members found pleasure in this two story building equipped with several classrooms, office space, and a large dining area. However, two years later, the church began to receive propositions from a near by University wanting to buy the property for their use. The church was satisfied with this location and thought that this would be their final destination. In 1979 under the leading of the Lord, a proposal was accepted and the church was blessed to move to its final and present location. Five locations and 29 years later, Faith Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C. is letting the Peoria area know that God is still in the saving, healing, and delivering business. Now under the leadership of Elder Felton Beck Jr., we are continuing the legacy our founder set. One of faith, love, power, and praise. To God be the Glory for all the things He has done.